The Ram 1500: Safety and Stability at its best

The Ram 1500 is one of America’s most popular light-duty trucks, and for several excellent reasons; it is practical, powerful and luxurious. The Ram 1500 is well equipped to deal with any situation. It features a myriad of convenience features and a massive towing ability. In terms of safety features, the Ram 1500 is more than exemplary.

Over the years, American trucks have developed a reputation for rolling towards the outside of a turn and rolling over as a result. However, the Ram 1500 has been constructed to lower the center of gravity and keep body roll at a minimum. The Ram 1500 is built with high-strength steel. This construction, combined with the six standard airbags come together to provide top of the line safety for its occupants in the unlikely case it rolls over. However, electronic stability control and electronic roll mitigation come as standard on all Ram 1500 models, so body roll is minimized. The side curtain front and rear airbags are also standard on all Ram 1500 models.

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