Has your car started to make funny noises, such as a belt screeching as you start up your vehicle? You could need a replacement for your timing belt. There are a number of different belts and hoses that could be causing issues for your car. The timing belt ensures that your engine’s camshaft, distributor, and crankshaft are all working together. Some signs of wear include screeching noises, engine stalling, and backfires.

Serpentine belts can also cause issues. These power all the engine accessories, and if a single belt breaks, it could lead to the loss of power steering or other issues. These belts often crack, split, or squeal when they are broken. Another issue could be with your coolant hoses. These transfer antifreeze throughout your engine’s system, pushing fluids through to your radiator. Cracking, soft spots, and splitting cause major issues to these hoses.

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