The Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmission System is Built for Performance

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a large yet sleek looking full-size SUV. This iconic vehicle brings many signature good looks to the table, but it also has many attributes that are more often associated with sports cars. These features include specially designed engines as well as transmission systems that take the guesswork out of proper gear range selection.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes in two road blistering sports trims, and these include the SRT version as well as the Trackhawk model. Each trim level provides drivers with power producing goodies such as 6.2L, V-8 engines with superchargers attached to boot. The superchargers include direct connections to the powerful motors that allows for peak power and performance.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee also has specialized transmission systems to handle the prodigious power produced by the motors. One example of this is the proprietary Jeep Quadra Trac Active On – Demand 4 X 4 System. This feature kicks into play during low traction road situations and provides drivers with the immediate power of an Active Transfer Case. Transfer case equipped transmissions are capable of providing four-wheel-drive power to each wheel on-demand.



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