You cannot mention top-notch safety without mentioning the Chrysler Pacifica. The Chrysler Pacifica is a extraordinary minivan that is offered in three configurations this year: L, LX, and Touring Plus. Regardless of which Pacifica configuration you choose to purchase, all Pacifica models come standard with terrific safety features.

The L and LX Pacifica models gifts its drivers with functional seat belts for each passenger, airbags for each passenger, and technology controlled 2nd-row sliding doors. If you’d like your Pacifica loaded with more safety features, then the Touring Plus is perfect for you.

The Touring Plus gifts its drivers with driver assistance features like smart cruise control, knee airbags, side airbags, stability control features, and pedestrian warning features. The Touring Plus Pacifica also offers smart seatbelts. When the driver slams on the brakes, seat-belts will tighten for every passenger in the car. The Pacifica is ideal for large families who value safety.



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