Explore the Feature Packages of the Dodge Durango

When you want a popular midsize SUV, the Dodge Durango has a number of feature packages for you to explore in Southey, SK SOG. At Southey Motors Ltd., we'll show you the packages and help you to decide which one will accommodate you the best.

The Blacktop Package is available on the R/T trim level, which can provide you with an outstanding look on the road with the gloss black touch on the exterior mirrors as well as black exterior badges. Additionally, there are 20-inch Blacktop wheels that feature a high-gloss coating.

There's also the Brass Monkey package, which adds some beauty to the SUV as well. This package can be added to either the GT or the R/T trim level. You can expect gloss black badges throughout. Plus, there are 20x8-inch Brass Monkey bronze wheels that allow you to look more stylish on all of your adventures.

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