When Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminates, What Should You Do?

We value your safety at Southey Motors Ltd. Today, we want to share important information about your car that could keep you safe.

Every new car we sell in Southey comes with a tire pressure monitoring system. In fact, all new autos sold in the United States must include one sensor on each of its tires. These sensors measure air pressure. If any tire's pressure leaves the safe range, a light on your dash illuminates. This light looks like a low-air tire with an exclamation point.

When the light grabs your attention, stop driving as soon as safely possible. Find a well-lit parking space, grab your air gauge and check your tires' pressure. Also, visually inspect each tire. All tires experience pressure changes due to weather, time and road debris. If your tires are simply low, you can add air at a service station. For a damaged tire, you will likely need a professional technician's help.



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