How to Clean Your Car's Engine

Although you may think it's not important, the staff here at Southey Motors Ltd. would like you to consider the benefits of having a clean engine. Dust and dirt can enter the engine area from the openings around the hood and the car's front end. Over time, the debris can accumulate in the engine parts and cause trouble with performance.

To clean your car's engine, choose a warm day with low humidity. The engine should be cool before you begin. Give the engine at least fifteen minutes to cool down if it has been running. To begin, you will need to remove a few parts. Remove any plastic covers and the negative terminal on the battery. Next, cover the battery, engine control unit, and ignition wires with plastic bags. Then, spray down the engine with a degreaser. Scrub the dirtier areas with a small synthetic brush. Rinse the engine from back to front with a high-pressure sprayer. Dry the engine with a compressed air blower or a shop towel.



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