Truck Bed Liner Options

While most people don't give their bed liner a second thought, the type of liner you get can make a big difference in how your truck is used. There are a number of different options to choose from. We here at Southey Motors Ltd. want you to be an informed truck owner and understand everything about your vehicle. Here's some information about the different types of bed liners available.

Drop-in liners are usually available from the manufacturer. They're made from molded plastic and simply drop right into the bed, hence the name. Drop-in liners are great if you want to slide items in without any problems. Spray-on liners look similar but offer much more protection. Typically, the mixture contains a sandpaper-like grit. They're ideal if you want ultimate security on the road. Bed rugs and mats are good temporary choices. They can be made of carpet or rubber. Carpet is good if you climb in and out of the bed while rubber is ideal if you want to keep items from sliding around.

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